It’s a fair question…

Does He love you more or less than your neighbors? Is Jesus’ affection for you determined by your performance? If yes, can His feelings for you change next month when your performance diminishes? If not, what determines the measure and quality of His love for you?

Here is what Jesus revealed:

Just as the Father has loved Me, I have also loved you; abide in My love—John 15:9 (NASB)

Quite astonishing! Please read it again. Because that statement has the power to rewire your emotional chemistry (forever). Jesus affirms to love you as the Father loves Him. In the same way, with the same intensity and passion, and the same fiery emotions the Father has for Him.

Have in mind that Jesus gave that “love” announcement to the disciples (during last supper night). And they were far from perfect. Peter would deny Jesus three times (sealing the denial with a couple of curse words) and the rest of the disciples would run away

What’s more, a couple days before “last supper night” two of them tried to secure first class seating for eternity (Mt. 20: 20-28), leaving the other ten angry and preoccupied about who would be the first…

Obviously, the love Jesus felt for them transcended their upcoming failure and present immaturity—His love was emanating from the Father’s love for Him.

So, if this is HOW Jesus loves you, we must answer another question:

How Much the Father Loves Jesus?

How Much Jesus Loves You?Imagine is one billion years before the foundation of the world. Surrounded by eternity (without any limitations of time or space), the uncreated Father enjoys unending friendship with His uncreated Son, feeling the power of His Holy Spirit (the living flame of love).

Passionate affection and burning desire flow from the Father’s heart to the Son, the same transcendent flame that one day would break the heavens to confess:

“The [visible] heaven was opened. And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came from heaven, saying, “You are My Son, My Beloved! In You I am well pleased and find delight!”Luke 3:21-22 (Amp.)

Amazing as it sounds, Jesus assures to feel the identical passionate affection for us. That’s right, Jesus loves us in the same way the Father loves Him. And NO… He’s not exaggerating—He would never lie to us.

When He says “as the Father loves me I love you” He means it.

Why I Think You’re Super Awesome!

Maybe nobody told you how important this is. Maybe you think you know but your “emotional reactions” prove you don’t. Maybe you know but don’t believe it. So, let me remind you: this why you are great and significant.

God’s affections for you define your true value and eternal worth—your identity and greateness are determined by His burning heart—the anchor of your soul is God’s desire for you.

Yes, you are super awesome, but not because of how smart you are. Not because of the gifts the Lord has given you. Not because of the high profile people you know. You are super awesome because Jesus feels for you the same love the Father feels for Him.

You are His delight, His beloved, what He desires forever and ever. And His amazing affection is the reason why you should feel successful and important (not your performance and achievements).

The day you truly believe Jesus feels for you this way, your emotional reality will change. Because at the core, this is who you are… you are the object of God’s affections.

So, what do you think about Jesus’ Feelings? Post your comments below.

Photo Credit: Original picture by Akiane