"For Men and Women Who Want To Enjoy God and Experience Intimacy With Jesus"

  • Discover the mystery of God's emotions—how they can transform your emotional chemistry and revolutionize your prayer life.
  • Learn about the difference between knowing and believing—a little known secret you can use to overcome guilt and shame.
  • Experience the freedom of knowing the truth—the truth about who God is and who you are—and why eternity is written on your heart. 

Meet Pablo Pérez

Author, worship leader, revivalist and entrepreneur. Director of Jasper Stone Music. Pablo has recorded 30+ worship music albums and has written several ​books.

Originally from Argentina and based in the U.S. since 2000. For the past 25+ years Pablo has ministered worldwide—leading presence worship, teaching the gospel of the Kingdom and ministering in the power of of God.

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Books, by Pablo Perez

The Fountain of Living Waters 

On this book you will discover:

» The Secrets of Your Burning Heart. The Core Human Dilemma. From Survival to Fellowship. The Never Ending Encounter. Falling in Love with a Harlot. The Most Important Question of Your Life. The Gospel in One Word. The Ravished Heart of God. And much more!

What people say:

"Incredible! - WOW! You have to get this book and read it over and over. It will awaken your heart and activate the real you on the inside. Pablo has a special way with words that cause you to stop with what you are reading and close your eyes, only to be fully immersed in...

... the very love of the Father. There were times when I was reading that I said to myself "I wish someone would have shown me this years ago". My favorite chapter was chapter 8 when Pablo begins to walk us through how the Father and the Son are so in love with us and desire for us to know that love first hand. This book is an incredible ramp for you to spring off of into the never-ending Love of the Father. You will not be disappointed!" -- Jessica Locke

"I was spiritually refreshed! - have to say I read this and I love this book! I will have to re-read it again and take notes on paper, because there are so many gold nuggets in each chapter. I like them all! This is a "meat" type of book. There is so much revelation in the words here, and I love it because it is backed up by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit , the Living Water can bring so much more into our whole beings , if we hunger and thirst for Him! To be in love with Jesus is what our hearts desire is! He is my beloved ! ....If you want More of HIM, this is a good book to read!" -- L. A.

Presence Worship

On this book you will discover how to experience the manifest (tangible, felt) presence of God in worship meetings

» Learn about: The Question We Should Be Asking. What is Presence Worship? How to Move Angels and Demons. What is Ascension in Worship? The Secret to Open Heavens. How to Use The Key of David. The Mystery of Spiritual Gatekeepers. Why You Need Wine-Workers In Your Life. The Dullness Cure (Cloud University). The Music of God's Presence And much more!

What people say:

"Key of David (Ascending Worship) - If you don’t want to go through the motions of going to church and not seeing a change in the way you worship and go...

... higher as He invites you to come up higher ~ then this us the book that will light up the dead inside of you! The Key Of David is one chapter that opened my eyes to the access the right path to honor and worship God! Coming from one who was like me, Pablo Perez shares with us how to ascend from earth to the Heavenly Throne and come back in the Power of The Holy Spirit !" -- Maria C. Santos

"What a Beautiful Picture! The ascending and descending is a beautiful picture of touching Him and He touching as back with His anointing. I wanted to write a worship song and lead worship in our study and Pablo Perez just gave me the formula for doing it the right way, just declare who He is and what He has done. So many scriptures that Pablo Perez used in this book and I love the way he unveils the truth of them all about worship. I understand now about the power and authority we have. This is a must-read, re-read book" -- Carmen 

Worship, by Pablo Perez

Habitation, Pablo Perez

Habitation: (10 Worship Songs) 

» Habitation is a powerful release by Pablo Perez, featuring 10 new worship songs.

Including the old “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, with a new twist or 'extra' verse that Pablo wrote.

Other songs like We Sing to You and the renowned track Lover of My Soul.

"Every time i feel lost, distracted, or in the “don’t know” situation, i find your music, whether it’s a song or an instrumental, just putting me back on track with Jesus and in alignment with God’s heart. Thank you for your music ” Nadra

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"Our whole family enjoys your soaking music. Even our children who are in college prefer it than TV… it’s really worship, adoration, not just a Christian song but one that worships the Lord and touches His heart"Mayra

Sea of Glass Diving: (A non-Stop 62 Min. Instrumental) 

» Revelation 4:6 describes a vast Sea of Glass (like Crystal) right before the Throne of God. Sea of Glass Diving is designed to lead you (in the Holy Spirit) before Heaven’s Throne Room, to behold the beauty of Jesus and “dive” deep into the knowledge of GOD. 

Great for soaking prayer, study, meditation, relaxing and even to assist a peaceful sleep. Featuring a 62 Minutes MP3 track (non-stop instrumental music).

"Music for the Soul… it lifted me up on a day I was down.” – Benita

» Click Here to Experience Sea of Glass Diving

"“Your music has bless me very much. It’s so peaceful. I feel lifted up into the heavenly atmosphere. I can almost say that I seem to hear words to some of the songs. Pablo, may the Lord continue blessing you abundantly” Beth

Sea of Glass Diving Vol 1, Pablo Perez

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